8:00 am Conference Registration & Networking

8:45 am What it Takes to Make a Leap a Reality

9:00 am Chair’s Welcome, Opening Remarks & Connection Before Content

Lean HR in Action Today

9:20 am Discover: Rethinking Lean Leadership Development Inside the Manufacturing Organization of the Future

9:40 am Discover: Inside the Journey of Making Lean HR a Reality Inside a High-performance Manufacturing Organization

10:00 am Develop: How Do We Overcome the Most Common Challenges to Making Lean HR a Reality?

10:20 am Action: What Will You Now to Do Rethink Your Approach to Lean HR in Your Organization?


Output-Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

10:40 am Speed Networking & Refreshments

Rethinking the Employee Experience

11:20 am Discover: Delivering Radical Savings & Transform Lives While Creating an Award-winning Manufacturing Workplace

  • David Ahlers Executive Vice President Human Resources, Graco

11:40 am Discover: Rethinking Social Communication to Drive Engagement Inside a Multi-Generational Manufacturing Industry

12:00 pm Develop: What Are the Keys to Transforming Engagement in a Multi-Generational Manufacturing Workplace?

12:20 pm Action: What One Thing Can You Now Change That Will Have the Biggest Impact on Your Ability to Transform Engagement in Your Organization?


Output-Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

12:40 pm Networking Lunch

Finding Manufacturing Talent Faster

1:40 pm Discover: A Creative Approach to Finding Future Talent & Developing Tomorrow’s Workforce in a Resourceconstrained Manufacturing Operating Environment

  • Walter Palen Vice President, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America

2:00 pm Discover: Rethinking Your Approach to End-to- End Recruitment in Manufacturing to Find Better Candidates Faster

2:20 pm Develop: What Traditional Thinking Most Needs to Be Challenged Around How We Find Talent in Manufacturing Today?

2:40 pm Action: What Is the Biggest Piece of Traditional Thinking You Need to Challenge in Your Organization to Allow You to Move the Needle on Your Own Recruitment Strategy?


Output-Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

3:00 pm Networking & Refreshments

Challenging Traditional Thinking

3:30 pm Discover: Why The Time Is Now to Rethink How Innovative HR Can Allow Us Accelerate into a New Manufacturing Future

3:50 pm Discover: Rethinking Our Employee Experience to Create a Future-Focused, High-Performance Workforce Inside a Lean, Mean Manufacturing Business

4:10 pm Discover: Turning Data into Decisions: Building & Leveraging People Analytics Capability in a Future- Focused Manufacturing Company

4:30 pm Develop: How Do You Best Overcome the Resistance Which Inherently Comes with Challenging Traditional Thinking in Manufacturing HR?

4:50 pm Action: What Low-Cost and No-Cost Initiatives Can You Now Bring Back & Immediately Implement to Transform HR Impact in Your Organization?


Output-Focused Action Session Facilitated by the Chair

5:10 pm Pecha Kucha: Rethinking Knowledge Transfer to Enable the Manufacturing Organization of the Future to Thrive

5:20 pm Chair’s Recap & Closing Remarks

5:35 pm End of Conference Day One & Informal Networking Drinks