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Welcome to LEAP HR: Manufacturing 2024

Now in its ninth year, the LEAP HR: Manufacturing Summit is the most exclusive and senior forum dedicated to HR leaders in the Manufacturing industry.

This is your only opportunity to gather with other HR leaders navigating the intricacies of managing a labor-intensive, highly skilled manufacturing workforce in 2024. Delve into how your peers are fostering labor relations, mitigating the impact of crippling talent shortages, revamping engagement strategies, future-proofing against skill gaps and together, uncover how we can collectively attract the next-gen manufacturing workforce.

Get involved and hear 30+ exclusive case studies showcasing the transformative journey of HR leaders in 2024. Leave equipped with a robust network of 100+ manufacturing HR peers, ready to navigate the future of work.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive forum tailored to the manufacturing industry. Gain access to disruptive solutions for your HR challenges and forge lasting connections with fellow industry peers.

Top Speakers Include:

Unmissable Highlights Including:

Creating a Structured Competency System for Talent Development: Discover how Michelin have created a successful structure, boosting corporate home-grown talent to 40% by employing a comprehensive gap analysis to pinpoint necessary competencies for development


Securing Skilled Labor in Tight Talent Markets: Learn from Cacique's success as an award-winning state-partnership workforce developer, achieved through strategic recruitment marketing for skilled labor acquisition.

Leveraging New Technology & Data Analytics to Build Strategic Pipeline for the Future: Explore Avery Dennison's approach, utilizing data analytics including turnover, time-to-fill, and government projections to forecast future talent pipelines and strategic actions.

Re-Branding HR away from Compliance to People & Culture to Enhance Collaboration: Uncover Magnaflow's journey, elevating employee satisfaction to 92-95% by collaborating closely with people leaders to redefine HR's perception and structure towards a focus on people and culture.