23-24 October, 2018

Chicago, IL

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  • Full Event Guide

    Download the Full Event Guide to see how:

    3M will share how its leadership development program has saved millions and built a world-class talent pipeline

    Ducommun will lift the lid on the talent strategies which tripled its share price and slashed turnover in just 2 years

    Graco will walk you through how by rethinking rewards it boosted productivity while reducing workforce costs

    Toyota will reveal how it transformed L&D to sustain a highly-skilled workforce and increase competitiveness

    Mars will explain how radically rethinking energy has boosted productivity, engagement and retention

  • How Michelin revolutionized retention with its unique approach to career management

    David Stafford, CHRO and Michael Williams, Manufacturing Executive at Michelin North America, talked to us at LEAP HR: Manufacturing about their three-part “triangle” approach to talent management.

    Read the full case study.

  • 2017 Manufacturing Talent Outlook

    This report delivers an assessment of the most critical industry people challenges, opportunities and priorities, in addition to expert analysis of the key pressures facing the industry in the year ahead and their likely impact on human capital strategies.

  • 2016 Event Guide

    Find out who else shared their people leaps at LEAP HR Manufacturing 2016 by downloading the full 2016 event guide, which includes leaps, speakers, agendas, ROIs and more.

  • 6 speakers at LEAP HR Manufacturing

    Discover the bold leaps that 6 speakers at LEAP HR Manufacturing are taking to transform their ability to solve the toughest people challenges the industry shares.

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