23-24 October, 2018

Chicago, IL

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LEAP HR: Manufacturing works because it connects you with the people leaders taking the most radical leaps to transform HR in their institutions and deliver real impact. We have ensured that very leap shared is evidenced by the business improvement it delivers. For example:

Ardent Mills will reveal how it has transformed culture across its organization to cut turnover by 5% and save $2.5million in just 4 years
Mars will reveal how it is transforming energy management on its shop-floor to measurably boost employee engagement, productivity and retention across its plants
Domtar will reveal how it is moving the needle on diversity and inclusion to transform it past a box-ticking exercise to a critical competitive advantage
Ingersoll-Rand will reveal how it is building brand new career pathways within its organization to successfully retain top talent at every level
Graco will reveal how it has boosted its stock price and enterprise value by connecting its organization’s reputation, employee engagement survey results and brand