October 9-10, 2018

Atlanta, GA

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About Event

“We can’t afford to continue to do the same things we’ve always done. Engaging in a disruptive dialogue around how to rethink our talent strategy at this conference will help us uncover new solutions we can all use to solve the challenges we share.”

Scot McLemore, Manager of Talent Acquisition & Deployment, Honda North America

Event Purpose

2017 Event Highlights

1 Inspire, energize and develop employees at every level: Learn how “the 3M Way” focuses on developing highly effective, stronger leaders at all levels 6 Put HR in the driver’s seat: Hear how Accudyne Industries have totally rethought organizational effectiveness to drive productivity and growth
2 Revolutionize how you develop your internal talent: Lift the lid on how Toyota is upskilling its incumbent workforce to keep pace with automation and demand 7 Link productivity with energy management: Find out how Mars is driving engagement, retention and productivity with a unique focus on performance and recovery
3 Radically transform your leadership development: Step behind the scenes with Ducommun to see how it is creatively developing ready-now manufacturing leaders 8 Drive engagement, performance and profitability through culture: Gain valuable insight into how Ingersoll-Rand is transforming its culture to drive productivity
4 Transform your succession planning: Hear how Special Products & Mfg is building bench strength and creating new opportunities to promote from within 9 Transform productivity and cut HR spend by millions: See how Graco’s unique incentives based model delivers for both workers and
the bottom line
5 Lead a high performance culture: Learn how Grain Craft have revolutionized engagement by linking culture with performance management 10 Ensure competitiveness through diversity: Hear how BASF is transforming its recruitment of female talent in manufacturing to meet
critical workforce needs


The LEAP Guarantee

LEAP HR: Manufacturing works because it connects you with the people leaders taking the most radical leaps to solve the people challenges we’ve been facing – but struggling to solve – for years. By ensuring every leap shared is evidenced by the business improvement it delivers, every presentation is guaranteed to be practical, commercial and valuable, for example:

3M will share how its leadership development program has saved millions and built a world-class talent pipeline
Ducommun will lift the lid on the talent strategies which tripled its share price and slashed turnover in just 2 years
Graco will walk you through how by rethinking rewards it boosted productivity while reducing workforce costs
Toyota will reveal how it transformed L&D to sustain a highly-skilled workforce and increase competitiveness
Mars will explain how radically rethinking energy has boosted productivity, engagement and retention

For the 2017 event information, download the Interactive Event Guide