Atlanta, GA

*The 2018 edition of this event has now run. Thanks to all the participants!*

For years in manufacturing we have been trying to tackle the same people challenges with the same traditional thinking; isn’t it time we totally transformed our approach to culture, engagement, leadership, retention and finding talent if we really want to drive impact?

The 2018 LEAP HR: Manufacturing forum brought together HR leaders in manufacturing to step inside the disruptive people strategies enabling the most innovative manufacturers to totally transform how they address the industry’s most enduring talent challenges.

In 2018 HR leaders explored what really works, moved away from the same old thinking, and walked away with the practical, truly transformative people strategies needed to revolutionize HR impact in their manufacturing business.

Take a look at the 2018 event guide and speaker line-up here.

“A whirlwind of quick-fire best practices and networking with the highest experts in Manufacturing HR.”
Brent Weil, Senior Vice President for Education and Workforce, The Manufacturing Institute

“The meeting will provide a huge ROI from the connections I made and the ideas shared. Both informative insightful.”
Nora Harding, VP HR, Special Products & MFG