2020 Deep Dive

Wednesday December 9
10.30am - 12.30pm EST l 7.30am - 9.30am PST

Build & Inspire the Pipeline of World Class
Manufacturing Talent Your Business Needs to
Bounce Back & Thrive

Before the second conference day begins, this interactive deep dive session will allow you to spend time engaging in output-orientated dialogue around how we find and inspire the next generation of highly skilled manufacturing talent. This is your opportunity to plug into the very latest thinking into how manufacturing organizations – including Honda, Eli Lilly, and GE Appliances are rethinking how to break away from misconceptions and more effectively find or train the front-line talent they need to remain competitive

The Questions to Be Addressed Include:


Transforming How We Fill Our Job Openings With High-Quality Skilled Talent
What would we need to do more of to have a continuous stream of new-to-field
skilled workers who have a world class technical preparation?


Working Together to Enhance Both Our Employer & Industry Branding
What can we do differently to promote manufacturing and STEM-related
career pathway opportunities and the prestige of the skilled workforce?


Rethinking How to Close the Growing Skills Gap Within Our Front-Line

What more can we do now to not only close the gap in sufficient numbers of technicians to fill skilled jobs, but also the gap in education and preparation to be job-ready?


Re-Imagining How to Find the Talent that Will Support Operational &
Business Expansion

How can we overcome the challenge of finding enough highly skilled talent that
will support the successful opening of new plants or production lines?

The Questions to Be Addressed Include:

Dennis Parker

Dennis Dio Parker
Developer of FAME and the FAME Career Pathway
Toyota most recently seconded to
The Manufacturing Institute

Tony Davis

Tony Davis
Senior Director, Workforce Initiatives
The Manufacturing Institute